‘The big one is here’ Below the Belt Grooming™ launches new Fresh & Dry Balls XL. btbgrooming.co.uk

‘The big one is here’ Below the Belt Grooming™ launches […]

‘The big one is here’

Below the Belt Grooming™ launches new Fresh & Dry Balls XL



Below the Belt Grooming™, a collection of personal hygiene products for men, has introduced a supersize (150ml) version of its best-selling product. Fresh & Dry Balls XL combats perspiration and chafing in the balls and groin area. Like a deodorant for your balls, Fresh & Dry Balls ™ safely provides talc-free, sweat protection and prevention – all day long.

Just like you would use a daily deodorant, apply Below the Belt Fresh & Dry Balls™ to the balls for long lasting freshness and odour-free comfort, leaving you with extra dry confidence when you need it most. The fresh fragrance is a refreshingly clean, oceanic scent providing long-lasting freshness. Ideal for everyday use, its perfect for summer and for men who are fit and active plus the hard-working men of the UK delivery drivers, builders, contractors and manufacturers all helping to get the economy back up and running. All Below the Belt Grooming™ products are dermatologically tested, Vegan friendly and Cruelty free.

Vivalis Beauty Ltd, owner and manufacturer of Below the Belt Grooming™ attributes the growth to increased brand awareness and a heightened understanding of personal care for men as Graham Lynch-Staunton, CEO Vivalis Beauty Ltd says: “There has been exponential growth in the brand year on year, with Fresh & Dry Fresh 75ml outselling the rest of the line up by far. For many men, the product has become as much as a mainstay of their daily grooming regime as underarm deodorant – not only making the ball and groin area fresh, dry and comfortable, but protecting from painful rubbing and chafing. The introduction of the larger tube provides better value and also minimises ordering frequency and potential shipping costs.”

Size: 150ml

RRP: £9.99

Launch: July 2020

Availability: Look Fantastic & Mankind from mid-July. Amazon from 1st August.