Think outside the box! Practical! Common Sense Idea! BackEZ ( a perfect add on handle for any long handle stick tool to reduce back strain when gardening or shoveling! 15% Amazon Discount code is RUGBYEZ1

Ergonomic tool grip easily attaches to all long handled tools […]

Ergonomic tool grip easily attaches to all long handled tools and equipment; rakes, shovels, hoes, snow shovels, power washers and even painting poles. Instantly transforming them into ergonomically beneficial tools designed to give the user dramatic back pain relief and safety benefits. Can be placed anywhere along or around stick tool for maximum comfort


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The best way to make shoveling easier is with the BackEZ tool handle. This secondary handle attaches to the shaft and improves ergonomics and lessens the risk of injury. With this additional handle, the effort to shovel is more balanced between your two hands, greatly reducing the strain on your back and lowering overall exertion. Simply put, it makes shoveling or gardening easier. The BackEZ is made of durable plastic, and with the included hex wrench it’s easier to take on and off the shovel shaft (or to adjust it up and down the shovel shaft to fit different people). Its wide opening is perfect for to use with gloves available in 4 colors Yellow- Blue- Red –Green. Lighter colors provide more visibility of tools when left on the ground.