Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle: Antiviral mask set from The Body Doctor.

An Ideal addition to any Valentine’s Day Gift Basket… nothing […]

An Ideal addition to any Valentine’s Day Gift Basket… nothing says I love you like I want you to be safe! The BODY | DOCTOR patented antibacterial face masks neat little bundle (with replacement filters)…

With Valentine’s Day plans looking a little different to previous years due to lockdown restrictions amidst the pandemic, The Body Doctor, has a date night bundle that we believe would make a fantastic, if not unusual and COVID-19-esque addition to any Valentine’s Day gift basket – after all, nothing says I love you like I want you to be safe! The bundle includes two of their patented antibacterial face masks made out of their patented Sterileyes technology, offering 7 layers of protection against up to 95% of non-oily, airborne particles, each with a replaceable 5 layered particle filter.


+ Antibacterial fabric protected by Sterileyes®
+ Breathable soft fabric
+ Adjustable ear loops to fit comfortably
+ Washable & Reusable environmentally friendly, effective for up to 1 year.
+ Stay fresh technology, eliminates odours
+ 7 layer protection with replaceable 5 layered bespoke particle filter. Filter up to 95% of non-oily, airborne particles. Each filter is effective for up to 40hrs use.
+ Storage bag to keep safe and clean between uses

+ Name tag – easily identify your mask


Huddersfield-based team behind health and eye-care specialist The Body Doctor have unveiled a new, reusable antiviral mask, proven to reduce tested viruses on the material surface by over 99% in just two hours.

The AB Mask Plus follows on from its anti-bacterial predecessor, created pre-COVID-19 to help clinically vulnerable people attend hospital appointments safely. Inspired by Production Manager Aden, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, the AB mask was helping keep people safe before masks became everyday wear for the nation.

The new AB Mask Plus comprises seven layers, with two layers of antiviral protected fabric and a five layer replaceable filter. The antiviral protection comes from a specially developed coating used, called Polygiene® ViralOff®, which is applied to breathable soft fabric that is washable. Each filter filters over 95% of non-oily, airborne particles and is effective for 40 hours use. It has been tested on a number of respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and while it cannot promise immunity, owing to the variety of ways these viruses can be transmitted, it can deliver a crucial reduction in viral load.

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact daily life, mask wearing is here to stay and much like with its other health and eye-care products, The Body Doctor is seeking to make life that bit easier with its range which are found on the high street as well as online.

The Body Doctor Production Manager and inspiration behind the original masks, Aden Bradley said: “AB Mask Plus is a timely and exciting addition to our product range and one I know will give people with health conditions like me, and now the wider public, a sense of greater confidence when wearing a mask.

“The fact that it can be washed and reused also helps mitigate the impact of mask wearing on the environment, another huge plus as we enter into a future that is likely to involve masks to some degree for months and possibly years to come.”

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