We at Beleave Teas would like to help you on your journey in the world of tea. www.beleaveteas.com

We at Beleave Teas would like to help you on […]

We at Beleave Teas would like to help you on your journey in the world of tea.



You can experience rare finds, specialty blends and tea classics without leaving your home. Club memberships can be for 6 months or 12 months and include the highest quality and exclusive tea selections from renowned tea growers worldwide.


Each month you will receive a hand selected tea blend along with a very detailed description that includes origin, ingredients and precise brewing instructions.

On alternate months you will receive some of our best selling tea accessories so that you will truly have everything you need to make the perfect cup of tea.

Club Members get to choose one of our three unique and exciting programs:

Healthy Living: This program includes teas that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Teas and herbals in this program help promote various health attributes such as boosting immunity, improving heart health and reducing inflammation.
Soothing Comfort: This program includes many of our anxiety and stress relief herbal teas. Relax and enjoy.
Popular Classics: This program includes some of the most popular tea blends from around the world. Earl Grey would be proud.
Give the gift of tea year round to yourself or someone you love. You will be glad you did.

Relaxation Tea Kit


Sit back and enjoy some time to yourself while sipping away your stress and anxiety one delicious cup at a time. Our Relaxation Tea Kit provides everything you need to do just that! Each herbal tisane that is in this kit is naturally without caffeine and therefore can be enjoyed any time of day. These herbals have been specifically chosen for their satisfying flavor and ability to promote relaxation.
All the herbals in this kit are delicious both hot and iced. Therefore, we have included the accessories needed to do both. A cold brew iced tea recipe and agave packets make it easy and allow you to make large or small amounts.

1 Tin Tranquilitea
1 Tin Serenitea
1 Sample Vanilla Dreams
1 Box of #4 T-Sacs
1 Finum Medium Brewing Basket
Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipe
Sample Agave Nectar Packets
This Mother’s Day give your mom the well deserved gift of rest and relaxation. Let Beleave Teas help.

Here are 3 reasons why you can feel good about giving Herbal Teas to your children.


1.They are naturally caffeine free: The great majority of Herbal Teas in the world are naturally caffeine free. There are a few like Yerba Mate that do contain caffeine, but they are in the minority.

2.They are naturally sugar free: Many Herbal Teas such as Rooibos have a natural sweetness that kids will love. Some are blended with fruits that contain fructose but the amounts are dramatically less than other children’s beverages. The best part is that you are in control.

3.They can be served warm or cold: Herbal Teas make a delicious warm drink for your little ones but they are also wonderful iced. Can you say that about any of the other beverages marketed to kids?

Important Note: You are NOT going to get the same health benefits and flavor from store bought Teabags. Your’e just not. The Tea “dust” that is swept off of the floor and put into Tea Bags and then left on the shelf for months is not even close to a substitute for Loose Leaf Herbal Teas.

If you love having tea parties with your little ones, these carefully blended children’s herbals are the perfect choice. Start a tradition that will last a lifetime.

Our Tea Trio is the perfect gift for you or someone you love.


Our sleek decorative box contains not one, not two, but THREE delicious teas of your choice. Each individual tin contains enough tea to easily make 5-10 cups of tea depending upon the density of the leaves. This beautifully designed tea box is a wonderful introduction to the teas or herbals that you have been dying to try.

You will get to choose from some of our bestselling teas and herbals. You can decide to go with a green tea theme, a black tea theme or choose three completely different types tea for your trio box.

All our teas and herbals are carefully blended for superior flavor and aroma. Since all our teas are blended from full leaves, you can also expect to receive all the many health benefits that are associated with each one.

This year give Mom the gift that keeps on giving. Let Beleave Teas help.

Beleave Teas Gift Certificates


We are here to make your life simpler if and only if you are:

A person that wants to give Tea a try but doesn’t know where to begin.
A person that loves Tea and wants a great place to get if from.

3d illustration of gift card, isolated over white background

A person trying to make the change from coffee to Tea because you have been hearing all the good stuff about Tea in the news.
A person that wants to add Tea to their life for a healthier lifestyle because let’s face it, Tea is jampacked with healthy stuff.
We at Beleave Teas are extremely passionate about making Tea easy and fun for you. We Beleave you should be drinking a Tea that you love every day.

If you are already a tea drinker yourself and want to give someone you love the perfect gift, shop our handy dandy gift certificates. They come in increments of $20, $40 and $60.