Week 2 -3 of my Canespro Fungal Nail 21 Day Challenge (anonymous contributor)

Week 2 -3 of my Canespro Fungal Nail 21 Day Challenge (anonymous contributor)

I spend long days training for the next big game and spend most of my time in trainers, even when not on the field, which may have contributed to my fungal nail infection. I have tried so many treatments, but have lost patience waiting months for them to work. When I heard that Canespro worked in just 21 days, I decided to take the challenge and see if they were being true to their word. I have just finished the treatment and have documented a candid review of my experience that followed week 1.

First I want to say that Canespro appealed to me because I didn’t have to paint my toenail, I know this may sound ridiculous, but that’s an activity that I would not want any of my team mates catching me doing. If you are like me and want a treatment that works fast and without too much hassle, then Canespro is definitely for you.

It was so easy to use and I found that the treatment process of soaking my feet for 10 minutes a day, gave me a reason to chill out in front of the TV and also a bonus was that I could fit it in when I had writing to do. This might sound pretty gross, but the reason the treatment works is because it removes the infected part of the nail and essentially you will be the one scrapping it away. Now before you decide to click off keep reading, because it’s not as bad as it sounds.

I applied the ointment daily to soften the part of the nail I wanted gone, covering it in a plaster for the day, and then after my shower I used the white plastic tool supplied to gently remove the infected part of the nail. This is surprisingly pain free and only takes a few minutes. I noticed a clear difference in my nail within 7 days, the yellow colour had begun to fade and the nail was less brittle. I was determined to stick to the two to three weeks of treatment after my pharmacist mentioned that it would only work if I did the full course for 21 days straight.

I’m so glad I did. By day 14 the infected part of the nail was nearly all gone. I was surprised at the speed it worked and what’s even better was that it didn’t hurt at all. My pharmacist also mentioned that I should pick up an antifungal for when I had completed the treatment to kill any remaining fungus. One pack was enough to treat my one big toenail, so I would say to buy a couple packs if you need to treat more than just one nail.

I can happily say that my infection is now gone and the product does what is says on the tin, it works in 21 days, on the condition that you stick to it daily of course! Finally I was rid of my infection and I had a real sense of relief that I didn’t have to worry about it or hide my feet anymore. For recurrent sufferers who have not found anything that works for them yet, I highly recommend Canespro. And you don’t just have to take it from me, you can see reviews by others on their website.

It’s not going to go away on its own. A fungal nail infection can be serious and is worth taking the time and effort to treat it properly. Now, I’ve promised myself that I will pay more attention to looking after my feet to reduce the chances of getting another infection.

Canespro’s recommended retail price is £29.99 and is widely available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide. Visit canespro.co.uk for more information.

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