What has happened to Leicester Tigers?

What has happened to Leicester Tigers? The most successful club […]

What has happened to Leicester Tigers?

The most successful club in the history of the Premiership with them winning the title a record five times but the good times seem to have gone away with a large grey cloud over Welford Road at the moment. If Tigers fans were told back in 2013 when they last won the title that in seven years’ time they’d be in a relegation battle and to only stay up due a points deduction to another side, they’d have called you barmy; but is essence this has now become a reality.

In these past seven years, the decline of the club dominance has been virtually indescribable
and so dramatic that the idea of losing the Tigers out of the top division was basically an unthinkable thought. Tigers fans who are some of the most loyal and passionate in the sport, with them having one of the largest fan bases in England had accepted the only reason that they stayed up was due to Saracens being automatically relegated due to the salary cap breach.

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The stability at the club has been one of the main issues for the fans and one that they will need to sort out before the beginning of next season. When Richard Cockerill left in 2017, one of the most successful Directors of Rugby in the club’s history. At the end of his career at the Tigers though it showed the start of the fall from greatness with the Tigers moving on from their existing approach of bringing through academy talent and trying to secure big deals for overseas players – one that hasn’t worked.

Lewis Moody, one of the club legends and one that will always go down in the history of the club will back this evidence up. He said, “In my time at the club, the Tigers academy was the main feature of the club to nuture players like himself but has since been downgraded in the list of priorities and now the club is paying the price with a merry-go-round of imports diluting the bonds between Leicester and the surrounding community that gave the club it’s strong image in the first place.”