What makes the perfect rugby betting site?

What makes the perfect rugby betting site? Rugby is and […]

What makes the perfect rugby betting site?

Rugby is and has been one of the most popular sports in the world for a long time. Naturally, a huge culture of betting and gambling on the games has grown up alongside it, too. There are many online platforms to bet on rugby, so it’s not always easy to know what makes a good rugby betting site. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most important features of the best rugby betting sites. From basic legal requirements to the actual functioning of the sites themselves, there’s a lot to cover—so let’s get started.

1. Licensing

First and foremost, you need to make sure the site you’re looking at has the appropriate license to offer its services. Currently, the UK Gambling Commission recognises around 2,600 betting operators, and has issued the appropriate licenses. Many of these are dedicated rugby betting sites.
If the site you’re looking at is not licensed, then it is operating illegally. This means that it could be taking advantage of you in any number of ways. The odds will not be as favourable, and you may not even manage to get your pay out in the first place. Unlicensed sites will target problem gamblers, offering apparently lucrative incentives which usually never actually materialise.
Do not use an unlicensed site.

2. Market variety

Next, you’ll want to think about the markets that the site offers. There are a huge number of potential rugby markets in the UK, and around 8.7 million people tune in to the biggest games, like the Six Nations final.
But there are many smaller leagues which you may want to bet on, too. The best rugby betting sites will have odds for all of the leagues, from the biggest to the more niche. If they don’t, then they simply are not competitive. The best rugby betting sites will let you bet on virtually any rugby game you want to, and may even offer extra bonuses like ongoing promotions.
Even if you only want to bet on a single market, you will still guarantee a better betting experience if you choose a site with a wider variety of markets available.

3. Functionality

It’s also vital, of course, that the site is properly functioning. As I said, with around 2,600 operators maintaining around 3,500 different services, there is a wild spectrum of quality in terms of the sites themselves.
Where possible, take some time to browse the site or use a comparison site like FindBettingSites before you start betting on it. Look out for any issues with functionality, like freezing, crashing, slow and unresponsive sites, or anything that might hamper your experience of day-to-day betting.
It may not seem like the most important thing, but it will get frustrating quite quickly, believe me.

4. Security

Following on from that, one of the key functions and features of any betting site, including a rugby betting site, should be its security. All rugby betting sites need to adhere to strict security standards in order to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and breaches.
Every day, in the UK, there are around 65,000 attempts to hack businesses to leak the sensitive information of their users. When it comes to betting sites, they are a particular target, since they require a lot of financial information.
So, you need to be sure that the rugby betting site you are looking into has robust security. They should have their own firewall, to prevent widespread leaks from their own servers. But they should also provide features like 2FA, which makes it virtually impossible for your personal account to be compromised.

5. Free bets

If you’ve spent any time browsing rugby betting sites, you will have noticed one thing: that virtually all of them offer free bets when you join up. If a site does not have such an offer, then my advice is to simply forget it! Again, it just isn’t competitive.
Take your time to choose the most advantageous free bet for you. They can take a number of forms, so find one that works for how you want to bet. If you’re feeling up to it, you could even make use of multiple welcome offers before deciding on your site.
There will also be ongoing offers and promotions available, though these will be less lucrative and somewhat infrequent. Nonetheless, looking into a site’s history of promotions is a good way to gauge their future, too.

Ideally, any rugby betting site that you intend on making use of should tick more or less all of these boxes. There are more factors you could compare between sites to choose which one is right for you, but if the site is missing any of the above, it’s probably best avoided entirely. There are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to rugby betting sites, so don’t settle for less.