Who determines the outcome of the tournament… and when do they do that?

Who determines the outcome of the tournament… and when do […]

Who determines the outcome of the tournament… and when do they do that?

The higher you go in sport the more is at stake. Not just for you personally, not just for your team, not just for your club. At the highest levels, one sport is literally directly or indirectly the influence behind 100’s if not 1000’s of billions of currency tunring over across the sport.

The highest level affects the lowest level and every fractional action such as the purchase of a ticket or a jersey has an impact. Its absolutely massive and its massively important to all economies and is a very prevalent within advanced economies.

Geography and weather play an absolutely critical role in the development and style of play that people and teams employ. Take tennis for example. One of the most famous things about tennis is grass surface tournaments and clay surface tournaments.

For an experienced player the difference will be massive. The experienced player and quality player who has mastered both surfaces will literally switch onto their clay or grass mindset and mask the subtle changes to their style required to excell on those surfaces.

What if the team stays at a hotel and gets food poisening the night before the game!? The next day maybe its the final. If you ever had even mild food poisening the impact of a slight upset stomach is massive and people can be in total agony. Can that person function at their best. The answer is absolutely not.

When you take the totality of all the influences, the nuance and particular things that go into success and multiply this up into those top sports you realise the combined situation that is produced. The state of the sport as it where, that if you could take a snapshot of the entire sport and have a mind watching all of that and focusing very closely on everything that is happening. This is the environment in which online betting on games can be super successful. That group of people who are gathering all the data and going to all the events and are involved in what is happening or even simply watching closely what is happening can predict outcomes.

So applying simple logic then dictates that once you are in possession of all the data then you are able to discern the range of possible outcomes. They say no one can predict the future but if you are so close to the situation that you literally know if a pin drops then you will know more or less what is going to happen. That is where knowledge is power. The power to make informed choices. To predict the future and know how its going to pan out. Its a wonderful position to be in and it puts you in a wonderful position to be super successful . The higher the level and the biggeer the sport then the better the returns!

We hope that at whatever level you find yourself you gain some value from your perspective and enjoy the journey and retain your balance. In that way we have no doubt it will all be worth it!

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