Wonderful gift ideas for Mother’s Day from cotswoldlavender.co.uk

onderful gift ideas for Mother’s Day from cotswoldlavender.co.uk

Mother’s Day is earlier than usual in 2024, this year falling on March 10th. The clock is ticking and it’s time to find the perfect gift! If Mum could say what she would like it would be a present from world famous www.cotswoldlavender.co.uk!

Cotswold Lavender, the UK’s leading producer of all natural lavender gifts, toiletries, soaps and home fragrances, has an array of wonderful items. The farm, based in The Cotswolds, uses the highest quality English Lavender Essential Oil produced on its land in its products.

Many others producing lavender items use synthetic fragrances created in a laboratory to mimic the scent of lavender. While they can replicate the lavender scent quite closely, they lack the nuances and therapeutic properties of real lavender essential oil.

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