BLOG: !Amazing is literally it… with Maximuscle’s new range of protein bars “OMG These are delicious” (Supplements Editor) (verdict 12 out of 10) .

“Having been in some kind of training for 20+ years […]

“Having been in some kind of training for 20+ years I can genuinely tell you I had protein bars back in the early 2000’s after one bite I never ate them again! Things have not changed much over the years! Its just difficult to make a high protein bar taste good… that is until Maximuscle brought out their latest range which literally could just as easily substitute out my weeekend treat chocolate and sugary indulgences! They are abs delicious! Yet they have that high protein we need after training. They are low in suger and high fibre too!”

Verdict for Maximuscle High Protein Bars… 10 out of 10… heck make it 12 out of ten! For really this is the break through product in protein bars from our perspective! The InTouch Rugby Supplements Editor…