Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing a variety of new plush toys with related outfits and accessories in the run-up to Christmas!

Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing a variety of new plush toys […]

Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing a variety of new plush toys with related outfits and accessories in the run-up to Christmas!


Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing a variety of new plush with related outfits and accessories in the run-up to Christmas, from classic bears like Timeless Teddy, or partners bears like Thomas & Friends, to festive friends like the Merry Mission team!

For more information on these unique furry friends, plus related clothing and accessories, see . Online gift sets will also be available to purchase the plush with the featured outfits as a bundle.

· Timeless Teddy – £18.50 (available in UK stores and online)

Teddy bears are a timeless way to share love with every hug! Timeless Teddy is a classic furry friend with shaggy brown fur and an adorable smile. This teddy bear’s paw pads are bright red for a nice pop of colour. Personalise Timeless Teddy with outfits, sounds and accessories for a huggable gift they’ll cherish forever!

· Merry Mission collection (available in UK stores and online):

A trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop is an unforgettable way to make Christmas wishes come true – and our new Merry Mission arrivals transform the magic of the Candy Cane Forest into furry friend form. Whether they choose a Candy Cane Glisten or another member of the Merry Mission team, you can capture the moment as they wish their new friend to life!

Candy Cane Glisten – £21.50
Candy Cane Glisten is the magical reindeer that Christmas wishes are made of! Glisten grew her magnificent candy cane antlers during her journey through the Candy Cane Forest. With glittery white fur and sparkly silver hooves, this legendary reindeer is ready to fulfil wishes for all the names on the Nice List this season! You can dress your Candy Cane Glisten stuffed animal in fun reindeer fashions so she’s ready to soar through the sky this winter.

Merry Mint Bunny – £19.50
Meet Merry Mint Bunny! This cheerful snowshoe rabbit lives in the Candy Cane Forest right outside Santa’s Village. With floppy ears, soft fur and a bushy white tail, this lovable bunny is perfect for winter cuddles. Dress your Merry Mint Bunny stuffed animal in cute fashions and add sounds, scents and accessories for more festive fun!

Grey Gust Moose – £21.50
Go on a winter woodland adventure with Grey Gust Moose by your side! This adorable North Pole moose has black antlers and a soft coat of grey fur for warmth. This smiley moose loves hugging and snuggling with friends. You can personalise your own Grey Gust Moose stuffed animal with fun outfits, sounds, scents and accessories!

Swirl Unicorn – £21.50
Swirl Unicorn is a magical furry friend who has journeyed all the way from the North Pole to Build-A-Bear Workshop! A shy but enchanting northern unicorn with a glittery candy cane horn, Swirl and Glisten the reindeer became best friends during their snowy adventures in the Candy Cane Forest. This pristine unicorn also has a pink coat with white fur and a bushy tail. Add one-of-a-kind fashions and accessories to your unicorn furry friend for endless fun this Christmas season!

o Tatty Teddy, £19.50

o Tatty Teddy is cute as a button! With soft grey fur, cute blue nose and patches this adorable furry friend is perfect for dreaming beneath the stars. Make your own Tatty Teddy with love and this unique little bear will become your forever friend. © 2018 Carte Blanche Greeting Ltd.

o Thomas & Friends™ Bear – £19.50 [outfits and accessories sold separately, both in stores and online]

o ALL ABOARD! Thomas & Friends™ Bear is ridin’ the rails into the Workshop! The most famous tank engine in the world is now in teddy bear form with bright blue fur and a special Thomas & Friends™ paw pad. Little engineers will love exploring the rails with their own Thomas & Friends™ Bear by their side. Join the Steam Team by adding Thomas & Friends™ outfits and sounds to your teddy bear!

o Thomas & Friends™ Gift Set – £45.00 [online only]

o All aboard! This Thomas & Friends™ gift set is perfect for any fan of the Steam Team. This train conductor teddy bear gift set includes his 5-in-1 phrases so you can hear Thomas’s voice with every hug!