Bullworker, a fitness equipment brand. www.bullworker.com

Bullworker, a fitness equipment brand. ISO-FLO: www.bullworker.com/isomatters The ISO-FLO is […]

Bullworker, a fitness equipment brand.

ISO-FLO: www.bullworker.com/isomatters
The ISO-FLO is the ultimate isometric fitness device. With fast-pack portability and endless applications, the ISO-FLO goes wherever you go, with ease. Whether you are on a short work trip or an extended exploration, the ISO-FLO gives you the means to work smarter not harder wherever you are in the world, and the science is clear — fitness makes you more productive, increases your energy, and makes you feel better.

A compact fitness device weighing only 2 lbs. and measuring 8 x 5 inches, the ISO-FLO comes equipped with hundreds of pounds of resistance to challenge you on your own terms. Through the science of isometrics, proven to be the fastest way to build strength, the ISO-FLO will strengthen your muscles and enhance your daily movement performance. Efficiency is key, and ISO-FLO uses evidence based techniques to give you a quick total body blast in minutes so you can go forth feeling strong and attentive.

ISO-BOW: www..bullworker.com/iso-bow/
If you are tight on space and light on time, take the ISO-BOW and leave the rest behind. Deceivingly powerful, the ISO-BOW, weighing 3 oz and capable of fitting in your pocket boasts a maximum of 800 lbs. of resistance in its small frame. Great for strength and flexibility training, the ISO-BOW is the best companion for loosening you up and boosting your energy ensuring you make the most of your workouts..

Regardless of your fitness level, the ISO-FLO and the ISO-BOW give you complete control over resistance levels making it the perfect tool for every demographic to strengthen and tone their body.

As the most compact and complete fitness system you can own for less than a gym membership, we stand behind our products with a 90 day money back guarantee and industry leading 5-year warranty. Not to mention the simple set up, minimal space requirements and the fact that no external equipment or anchors are needed.

*ISO-BOW is part of the ISO-FLO