Dating & Relationships… Dos & don’ts!

Dating & Relationships… Dos & don’ts!

Are there any fully accurate answers to this question! It almost seems impossible to answer definitively because so many people have different answers. People have expectations however, and this should be taken seriously, but one of the most important rules when dating someone new as opposed to doing a date night for example for very important reasons with a long term partner which is quite different because at that stage the two people know each other so well. Which applies just as much to over 50s dating as anyone else!

Rather when starting dating a new person, getting to know them is the desired outcome and perhaps at that stage it is advisable to practice the traditional rules. Simple things like being encouraging to your date so they can begin to relax and be themselves, for guys perhaps be gentlemanly, always letting the lady go through a door first for example are very helpful ways to let your date know that you have respect for traditions.

the issue of geographical region is important, some would say do not date anyone who lives far away from you, for example, you could be in Hertfordshire dating , dating dsomeone from a rather long distance from you or if you had met someone through a Derbyshire dating agency but it turned out they were from Aberdeen dating might be much more troublesome given the distances involved far better to stick to your approach and use geographical based searches as Cambridgeshire dating agency and you will find most people on the site you have chosen will be from that area!

Perhaps, flowers, a box of chocolates and maybe a small bottle of low strength wine. Once you have dated a few times you will get to know more about the person you are dating and there may be topics that they do not want to cover. Of course this can be very important when considering future or long term compatibility, for example your date may have very pronounced persuasion towards a particular political party or a religion or a particular view of science for example, so in many ways the idea of do’s and don’ts is very revealing!

Be yourself, yes first and foremost and of course, most importantly relaxing. Do relax, take deep breaths if necessary this can be a very nerveracking process!


Best wishes!

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