Exeter Chiefs install the latest in juicing technology to power its Players

Exeter Chiefs install the latest in juicing technology to power its Players

Players from left to right: Marcus Street – Will Haydon-Wood – Kian Gentry

Commercial juice provider iSqueeze [1] has installed the Citrocasa Fantastic the most reliable self-serve juicer within the Exeter Chiefs training ground. The latest in juicing technology will boost players
nutrients and energy levels in the lead up to the Rugby Premiership which kicks off in September.

Professional Rugby Union, the Exeter Chiefs place the utmost importance in fuelling its players and coaches throughout busy training schedules. This machine from iSqueeze means the team can fuel
themselves with fresh juice, squeezed on the spot and full of pure goodness throughout the pre-season kicking off on 19th June 2023.

The decision by the club to have freshly squeezed OJ available on site will increase whole fruit consumption, helping players to adhere to healthier lifestyles with four oranges in every 250ml serving!

Each portion contains no nasties, unhealthy preservatives or sweeteners, eliminating refined sugars, unlike pre-packed alternatives from concentrate. Fresh juice from iSqueeze is packed with immune boosting
ingredients, high in vitamin C, folate, as well as potassium (important for heart health!) to stay hydrated, boost performance and combat fatigue!

The Citrocasa Fantastic is quick and easy to use, with a high capacity fruit hopper meaning the machine can fulfil a high demand of juice, 30 oranges per minute, so no one from the team will go thirsty!* .
Players can simply serve themselves with juice squeezed straight from a tap in seconds. The soft cutting system also results in a superior juice quality, for the ultimate taste experience, fit for a winning team!

iSqueeze make the operational process easy by providing great tasting fruit and full and speedy maintenance service (should any problems arise!). This means the rugby club can focus on training the players to be in tip top condition, and leave the teams hydration to the experts at iSqueeze!

Robert Beddard, Senior Strength and Conditioning coach at the Exeter Chiefs says_ “Our orange juicing machine from iSqueeze has been a great addition to our nutrition strategy at the Exeter Chiefs. The
health benefits of fresh orange juice are well known and go hand in hand with our food first approach that we operate. The machine itself has been great for the players to use; seeing the process from orange
to glass right in front of you provides a sense of freshness that you just don’t get from a bottle……Oh and it tastes damn good too!!”_

For more information check out the iSqueeze website [2], Instagram, [3] Twitter [4] and Facebook [5] pages.

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