Gem Rocks Slot

Gem Rocks Slot Digging for precious gems has never sounded […]

Gem Rocks Slot

Digging for precious gems has never sounded so fun! You could have gems cascading down and riches filling your pockets, all you need to do is press spin. This richly themed slot promises big wins and entertainment – it’s a win-win

Gem Rocks General Info

This 6-reel slot has a whopping 4 096 ways to win whereas the most that other slots can muster is 243. The colourful gems fill the screen as they fall, with each being more valuable than the last. From the creators at Yggdrasil – the company that is known for its innovative designs – comes this fun slot. With each spin comes a new experience, play it here at!

Yggdrasil Slot Developers

Yet another title to add to Yggdrasil’s impressive portfolio of successful games is Gem Rocks. This exciting slot features unique features that prove the creativity of the minds behind the company name. Founded in 2013 this company is one of the newer additions to the gaming industry which is impressive as they have kept up with companies that have been there since before the online boom. The focus of the company lies within their slots’ themes and gameplay. The attention to these areas proves successful as this slot is a hit.
Developer: Yggdrasil
Features: Multiplier, Avalanche, Bonus Games
RTP: 96.2%
Paylines: 4096
Min Bet: 0.01
Max Bet: 50


The unique design of this game is revolutionary as it stands out among the sea of other slot games out there. The slot displays a grid of 6-reels and 4 rows of brightly coloured symbols constantly on the move. Wins are a common occurrence in this slot as the symbols are constantly on the move and the 4 096 paylines are ready for matches. The symbols need to be watched carefully as they don’t move from left to right only as traditional slots. In this slot, the symbols can move in any direction and are not limited.
A cash prize is released upon the matching of three or more symbols on one of the 4 096 paylines. This also goes for any spinning combinations that pop up at anytime and anywhere on the board. Keep a wary eye on the grid as this is a fast-paced game with many surprises up its sleeve. You could even find yourself forgetting that you’re playing for money and win some as a surprise!

Gem Rocks Special Features

Once you achieve a winning combination, the Dropdown Wins feature is activated. This makes the matching symbols disappear, making room for more symbols and matches.
The most popular bonus is the Gem Rock features. It’s unlocked when a player lands two, five, or nine Dropdown Wins consecutively. Don’t worry about trying to keep count, there is a meter on the screen that lets you know how close you are to this feature. Once you trigger the Gem Rock feature, one gem rock that is made from similar symbols lands on the reels. The goal is to grow this rock by achieving consecutive wins. You could even win a multiplier up to the value of 2500 times your bet.

The Verdict

It is impossible to be bored while playing this slot, the fast-paced action means that players need to keep an eye on the reels at all times. The attractive bonuses in this game make it worth a spin.