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Halloween Joke Books !!!!>>>> THAT WON’T ROT THEIR TEETH! On Amazon FAST DELIVERY !!!

The Halloween Joke Books for Kids series by Riddles & Giggles is the ideal Halloween treat that won’t rot your teeth! It’s a fang-tastic time of year because it’s Halloween! Inside the Halloween Joke Books for Kids Series, you will find some fa-boo-lous jokes and spook-tacular fun Would You Rather questions and scenarios guaranteed to trigger fun conversations and provide skele-tons of fun. This collection of Halloween joke books by Riddles & Giggles is sure to have you, your friends, and your family rolling on the floor in snickers and giggles (and maybe a few groans too)! It’s the perfect Halloween gift idea for kids and tweens, aged 5 to 12. The Halloween Joke Books for Kids series includes: – Halloween Joke Book for Kids – Halloween Knock Knock Jokes for Kids – Halloween Would You Rather for Kids WHERE TO BUY Price: £5.99 each or $7.99 each (Paperback) Available in UK and USA on Amazon

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