Happy, Healthy, New Year. :) kencko is a 100% instant organic smoothie. www.kencko.com

Happy, Healthy, New Year. πŸ™‚ www.kencko.com FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM Convenient, […]

Happy, Healthy, New Year. πŸ™‚



Convenient, affordable and nutritious, kencko is a 100% instant organic smoothie made with the intention to help everyone reach their 5 a day of fruits and vegetables. In the modern world, nutrition and fitness can be difficult to achieve especially with busy schedules and constantly changing landscapes. Each travel friendly packet of kencko contains 2 servings of fruits and vegetables made into a delicious smoothie. Simply throw it into the bottle, shake it for 10 seconds and you have yourself a vitamin packed organic smoothie, all organic, no sugar added. With its slick aesthetic, delicious flavour and compostable packaging, you’re gonna want this by your side this holiday season! 🍹. Happy, Healthy, New Year. πŸ™‚

About kencko

Founded in 2018 by Tomas Froes and Ricardo Vice Santos, kencko, is a plant-based nutrition service helping customers enjoy a healthier and more sustainable life. kencko offers products and services that make it easier for Americans to reach their recommended intake of fruits and vegetables per day. Each kencko packet contains approximately 200g of nutritious fresh organic fruit and vegetables and nothing else. kencko’s mission is to help people get more fruits and vegetables into their diets by offering them innovative products that are delicious, quick and easy – without compromising on nutritional value or sustainability. Coming in 11 flavor options, kencko offers a 3-day trial pack,20 unit and 60 unit subscription option. kencko is available at www.kencko.com.

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