The Lemongrass Trading Company, wonderful, all-natural deodorant Sprays for footwear >>

The Lemongrass Trading Company, wonderful, all-natural deodorant Sprays for footwear >>


The Lemongrass Trading Company Ltd makes wonderful, all-natural deodorant sprays that’s great for any sportsman who has ever been embarrassed by boots that smell to high heaven, or simply sweaty feet. Isn’t that all of us?
The Lemongrass Shoe Freshener is an all-natural, deodorant and refreshing spray for footwear (and feet) that will take the whiff out of Rugby Boots, Running Shoes, Trainers, Wellies…. It’s also great for teenagers’ bedrooms, even the teenagers themselves.

Lemongrass – as well as smelling fresh and citrusy – has amazing natural properties. It is anti-fungal, antibacterial and a natural deodorant, perfect after a hard match. You just spray shoes or boots lightly and allow to dry. Do take a look: . The neat 50ml can slips into any sports bag or coat pocket, is unbreakable and reusable.

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100% natural products to purify and refresh your home, car and office using the uplifting citrus smell of lemongrass

The Lemongrass Trading Company makes the greenest insecticides you can ever find. Effective, pure and safe to breathe, the Lemongrass sprays also smell wonderful and refreshing.

We make 100% Natural products to keep insects at bay, to freshen and purify every home. Laboratory tested at the University of Bristol, our Lemongrass products will fill your cupboards, bathroom, kitchen, nursery, car and workspace with its fresh delicious smell. They deter insects ­like clothes moths and mosquitoes in the home. But according to our customers – who use their fresheners and sprays in kennels and stables too – the Lemongrass deters wasps, flies, fruit flies, even dog fleas. Humans absolutely love the smell, while insects positively hate it! The products are 100% pure, pet- and family-safe.

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