The perfect Valentines gift for him or for her.

The perfect Valentines gift for him or for her


Bali Balm is a new luxury lip-balm brand for men and women. Its rich, intensive formula is both cruelty free and 100% natural, allowing for healthy, cruelty-free lip care. Containing multiple natural oils that are rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, Bali Balm has been perfected to absorb quickly and lock in moisture without leaving a waxy film on the surface of your lips.

The balms contain an ethically-sourced, environmentally and bee-friendly formula of coconut, castor and kukui nut oils along with candelilla leaf wax, blended with sugar cane extract in place of honey and beeswax. All three oils play a major role in moisturizing lips, deeply penetrating without clogging pores, leaving lips soft, supple and revitalised. There are no preservatives or carcinogenic substances such as MOSH or MOAH (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons) included in Bali Balm’s formula as there are in many high-street brands. The vitamin-rich recipe promotes the strength and reparation of collagen, also aiding in fast healing and wrinkle prevention.

The four Bali Balm creations have been created in conjunction wth London chef Russell Bateman, to ensure each one is a smooth fusion of botanicals and spices. The Bali Balm collection includes a stimulating Bergamot & Grapefruit, a refreshing Lemon & Black Pepper, a warm Cinnamon & Orange and an exotic Sandalwood & Ginger.

The environment is precious, and at Bali Balm, we want to ensure that none of our plastic ends up in landfills or the oceans. With each tube of Bali Balm, customers receive a pre-paid envelope, so they can return the tube and cap to us for recycling; the proceeds of which will go to environmental charities. It’s our Kiss The Planet pledge.



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