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&SODA launches to market, offering premium triple distilled vodka and sodas available in three delicious flavours! Visit for more details

Introducing &SODA, a triple distilled vodka and soda ready-to-drink entering into the rapidly
growing RTD market, with early listings in major UK supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Available in
three dynamic flavours Raspberry, Classic Lime and Orange, the canned drinks are 5% ABV, low calorie,
gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free, making them a cleaner and refreshing choice for those looking for an
alcoholic RTD alternative this summer.

&SODA is breaking into a category, cluttered with old-fashioned big-name brands, challenging the current
poor quality narrative that the RTD sector currently holds, with sleek design-led branding and a premium
product made with clean ingredients specifically created to appeal to modern consumers.
The recently launched brand has seen quick success, onboarding with major UK supermarkets Tesco
(350 stores) and Sainsbury’s (120 stores), as well as an active D2C offering through the &SODA website
and Amazon. The start-up is also opening up a variety of independent listings both on and off-trade via
their in-house Field Sales team.

The brand has already made some impressive hires, pulling together a team of industry experts, including
Jess Wright, who joins as General Manager, bringing with her a wealth of experience in FMCG
businesses, most notably ZX Ventures, Camden Town, Emily’s Crisps and Coca Cola.

The RTD market has seen exponential growth with a predicted category valuation of $155 billion by
2030*. No longer a last resort for those on the go, the Ready-to-drink category has recently been on the
receiving end of much-needed modernisation with brands responding to changing consumer behaviours
and premiumization trends. Launching high-quality offerings, that have entered new markets, and speak
to a larger audience, RTD’s consumption occasions now penetrate many areas of day to day life, from
music venues & festivals to parties, BBQ’s, and days spent in the park with friends.

&SODA is looking to capitalise on this potential audience who previously has been ignored by old
fashioned competitors that have offered synthetic sugar-filled products heavily marketed towards a female
audience. The smart designs appeal to a wider demographic, with a look and feel that resembles a craft
beer, positioning them as an alternative for beer drinkers as well as cocktail lovers.

The RTD category has seen a number of new entrants over the last year, with Hard Seltzer looking to
cannibalise this space, yet still missing the mark as brands struggle to gain traction and build product
awareness, with 93% of consumers have not heard of hard seltzer in November 2020**. This is why
&SODA stands alone in this category. It’s a simple, clean and premium product offering, done well,
appealing to a large audience of consumers, who are already familiar with the brand positioning.
&SODA CEO and Co-Founder Barry Darnell says: “&SODA was born out a love of design combined
with my own love for a simple yet refreshing vodka & soda and it was clear this was a real consumer need
in this category. With all the hype around the Hard Seltzer category, &SODA cuts through the noise with a
simple, premium and of-the-moment product and brand proposition of vodka and soda. This Summer, we
are excited to be announcing the launch of &SODA into Tesco & Sainsbury’s, our first marketing
campaign and our first key hires”.
&SODA is available to buy now from 350 Tesco stores and 120 Sainsbury stores

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