Stocking filler ideas for everyone from Haynes ( (£6.99 each!)

Stocking filler ideas for everyone from Haynes (  Bluffer’s Guides […]

Stocking filler ideas for everyone from Haynes


 Bluffer’s Guides are perfect stocking fillers at £6.99 each

The informative pocket-sized books cover everything from etiquette to Brexit

Bluffer’s Guides join the fun and witty Haynes Explains series in Haynes Publishing’s range of gifting titles


Haynes has made finding the perfect present a breeze with Bluffer’s Guides and Haynes Explains – two ranges of fun and informative books that are set to add plenty of sparkling wit to the festive season.

The Bluffer’s Guide and Haynes Explains ranges are both pocket-sized and, with a wide choice of topics, make ideal Secret Santa or stocking filler gifts for any age or stage of life.

The books retail at £6.99, the perfect price point to treat friends and family, whatever their interests.

Kindle Editions are also available as an extra surprise for those giving the gift of an eBook reader this Christmas, with both Bluffer’s Guides and Haynes Explains titles available for £3.99.

Bluffer’s Guides

Bluffer’s Guides are a selection of 16 books covering a wide range of topics from sport to booze, and dogs to opera. They are written by experts and offer readers the opportunity to pass off appropriated knowledge as their own.

The Guides provide hard fact masquerading as frivolous observation in one witty, easy read, making them the perfect present for those with a thirst for knowledge.

Titles in the current range include:

Keeping Up Appearances

Bluffer’s Guide To Etiquette – William Hanson, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Jazz – Paul Barnes and Peter Gammond, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Opera – Keith Hann, £6.99 (


Dinner Party Chat

Bluffer’s Guide To Brexit – Boris Starling, £6.99 (


Bluffer’s Guide To Cricket – James Trollope and Nick Yapp, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Cycling – Rob Ainsley, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Fishing – Rob Beattie, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Golf – Adam Ruck, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Horseracing – David Ashforth, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Rugby – Steven Gauge, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Football – Mark Mason, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Skiing – David Allsop, £6.99 (

Food and Booze

Bluffer’s Guide To Beer – Jonathan Goodall, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Chocolate – Neil Davey, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Wine – Jonathan Goodall and Harry Eyres, £6.99  (



Bluffer’s Guide To Management – John Courtis and Elizabeth B Ratcliffe, £6.99  (

Bluffer’s Guide To Social Media – Susie Boniface, £6.99 (


Pet Lovers

Bluffer’s Guide To Cats – Vicky Halls, £6.99 (

Bluffer’s Guide To Dogs – Simon Whaley, £6.99 (


Aspiring Eggheads

Bluffer’s Guide to the Quantum Universe – Jack Klaff, £6.99 (


Haynes Explains

Haynes Explains is a series of 12 titles that offer a witty and irreverent take on many aspects of modern life. Author Boris Starling humorously spins his take on Haynes’ inimitable style based on a strip-down and rebuild of a particular ‘model’.

Titles in the range include:

Life Stages – the ideal gift for that special someone who is entering a new chapter in their life – whether that’s starting a family, buying their first home or retiring.


Haynes Explains: Babies – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: Pensioners – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: Marriage – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: Teenagers – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: The Home – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Passions – whether they’re crazy for the beautiful game, fluffy friends or getting into the festive spirit, Boris Starling’s take on British passions will hit the spot!

Haynes Explains: Football – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: Pets – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: Christmas – Boris Starling, £6.99 (


Nationalities – perfect for those with friends and relatives from over the Channel, or across the Pond.


Haynes Explains: The British – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: The Americans – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: The Germans – Boris Starling, £6.99 (

Haynes Explains: The French – Boris Starling, £6.99 (