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Ted’s Sweet Treats



Inspired by Ted Baker’s must-have fashion collections, Ted’s
Sweet Treats are a uniquely delicious collection of fragrances
that blend a classic, soft femininity with a modern sense of
purpose. Designed for girls that like their scents with plenty of
personality, these indulgences create an aura of glamour and
Showcased in Ted’s signature shades of nude, pink and
black, each is complemented with luxe rose gold accents,
which are the trademark of any Ted girl. Every bottle is
adorned with an extra special touch: a bespoke crystal
etched dome cap, inspired by Ted’s bobble clasp from his
purse collection, which adds a final fabulous flourish. Mia,
Polly and Ella are all set to become your new best friends.
The new Ted Baker Sweet Treats fragrances, 100ml, £30;
30ml, £18, are available from Ted Baker and Boots stores
and online at tedbaker.com and Boots.com from September.

Polly Mixtures
Meet Polly: a grown-up yet girly addition to any
night out. Often late but worth the wait, Polly always
makes an entrance, trailing girlish charm and broken
hearts in her wake. Fabulously fruity with top notes of
mandarin, red berries and peach, her heart belongs
to white jasmine, honeysuckle and peony. With a
dreamy twist of amber and vanilla topped off with
white musk, Polly’s the quintessential girl-next-door
and a hopeless romantic.

Goodness gracious Mia
Sassy, stylish and sophisticated, Mia lights up the
room effortlessly wherever she goes. Mia simply oozes
ladylike glamour with her soft floral fragrance of rose
blooms and freesias teamed with an irresistible blend
of warmth, charm and allure. Top notes of lemon,
raspberry and blackcurrant with a seductive base of
patchouli and golden amber ensure Mia is not a scent
you will easily forget.

You had me at Ella
Strikingly confident and delightfully witty, Ella leaves
a trail of sparkle wherever she goes. With just one
spritz, you’ll be hooked on Ella’s intoxicating cocktail
of bergamot and cassis combined with a heady heart
of orange blossom, jasmine and rose. Her enticing
blend is completed with rich notes of amber, patchouli,
sandalwood and vanilla to leave a beautifully warm
feminine scent.

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