The Ultimate Cycling Kit, a very interesting range of products with exactly the benefits required.

The Ultimate Cycling Kit

In July Chris Froome claimed his 4th Tour de France victory, so if you’ve been inspired to jump on your bike and get that pedal power flowing we’ve rounded up the top 5 essentials for your ultimate cycling kit.

Best for: Thermodynamic Protection.

Cycling is one of those sports that can be enjoyed all year round making these Silversocks from Carnation Footcare an ultimate cycling kit staple. Their thermodynamic protection keeps feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while the inclusion of pure silver means they help to inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria. [RRP £12.00,]

Best for: Smelly trainers.

Don’t let smelly shoes hamper your cycling goals. Simply pop these natural deodorising pouches from Carnation Footcare, with bamboo and charcoal, in your trainers overnight to leave them fresh and ready for use the next day! [RRP £5.83,]

Best For : An Energy Boost

If you’re feeling a little deflated, try taking a multivitamin such as Quest’s One a Day Energy B+C Plus. Not only will this help combat any symptoms of tiredness but it is specifically designed to support an active lifestyle and provides protection of cells from oxidative stress – an essential if you’re cycling in a city with high pollution. [RRP £5.19,]

Brest for: Breakfast Time

If you’re hoping on your bike to work then make sure you’ve had a breakfast to power you through the morning. Try Clearspring’s Mega Instant Porridge, not only is it high in Omega 3 but it contains buckwheat, Nutritionist Cassandra Barns explains, “Buckwheat is rich in nutrients especially magnesium, a mineral that’s vital for energy and bone strength.” [RRP £2.99,]

Best for: Vegans

B12 is essential for energy, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle however it is only commonly found in animal foods, therefore if you’re a vegan try Nature’s Plus Vitamin B12. “It provides an effective dose of B12, it also provides a range of other B vitamins, which work together with vitamin B12 to give us energy,” explains Cassandra. It is also organic and gluten free, making it a supplement staple for all free-from cyclists. [RRP £17.50 for 60 capsules,]



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