GAMEVICE® for iOS and Android Devices, totally new mobile gaming experience!

GAMEVICE® for iOS and Android Devicestotally new mobile gaming experience!


The Gamevice is the number one controller for iOS and Android devices that provides a totally new mobile gaming experience for over 1,000 games and apps including Street Fighter IV, Minecraft, NBA 2K18, The Walking Dead,Final Fantasy and so many more. Gamevice turns your mobile phone or tablet into a gaming console on the go and is the only controller that connects directly to Apple’s Lightning and Android’s USB-C ports offering Zero Latency Gaming.

Not only does the Gamevice controller make mobile gaming better, it is an entertainment hub that works as a controller for drones and robots making it a must have accessory for any mobile device owner.

The Gamevice makes for a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer, Gamevice prices start at $79.95.


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