Premiership Vs World – The Rugby Problem

Premiership Vs World – The Rugby Problem

It has been a tough few months in the sporting world as many start to look for a way to safely return to regular play despite the ongoing pandemic, and the latest to enter talks of what is best to do has been within Rugby as Premiership Rugby and World Rugby have had a bit of a disagreement on what the best course of action may be.

The disagreements come as a bit of a conflict in scheduling has occurred – World Rugby has planned to host their southern hemisphere Rugby Championship between November 7th and December 12th as the sport is set to return to normal play, but these dates conflict with the UK’s Gallagher Premiership which has been set to start on November 20th meaning many of the teams top talents would be unavailable to play for these early games as they have international commitments instead.

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There had already been some cooperation between others as the Premiership had been in talks with the RFU on the best way to allow fair play as the RFU delayed season will restart on August 14th, but the criticisms have been that World rugby isn’t offering so much as a helping hand to set realistic and fair dates for club play – “Exceptional circumstances have been created for sport by the COVID-19 pandemic, and discussions between the Premiership and RFU on how to accommodate the needs of the international and club game in England during the pandemic have been progressing positively” shows that there is plenty of support here.

Alternatives have been offered, and now it’s up to world rugby to make decisions around the best way to move forward with the clubs hoping some shuffling can be done to allow the best opportunities for everyone, but with the dates closing fast as we’re already moving into August there’s not a great deal of time left to make a choice.

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Rugby will no doubt look much different this year especially in the Premiership as more news comes in regarding the Sarries and the number of players being lost following the salary cap issues discovered last year continues to increase, this means we could see a very different lineup of teams over the coming months as players return to regular play – if it does turn out that many of the top teams are unable to hold onto their international talent at the start of the season it could also mean that many of the frontrunners fall into a much worse position, causing a very early shakeup – it has also been concerned this will be a one time change however, and not an ongoing adjustment.

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