Prime Time Lager: The Next Generation Low-Calorie Premium Lager

Prime Time Lager: The Next Generation Low-Calorie Premium Lager

Celebrate life in your prime with Prime Time Lager. It’s Beer but Better.

Prime Time Lager is a low-calorie, low-carb premium craft lager, created by Made in Chelsea’s Harvey
Armstrong and business partner Sam Holmes. Prime Time is the solution for those looking to have a good time, without compromising their fitness – or the crisp, refreshing taste of a premium lager.
In their own words, Prime Time was born out of the ‘conflicting love triangle between beer, fitness and good times’. Harvey and Sam are ushering in a new era with a low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free and vegan friendly premium lager and also the world’s first low-calorie caffeine-infused lager.

“Prime Time Lager is a next generation craft beer disrupting the lager market, crafted for those wanting to enjoy themselves, celebrate life in their prime, and keep fit. The key is listening to our consumers and creating products that suit their lifestyles” said co-founders Harvey Armstrong and Sam Holmes.

Brewed in the UK, Prime Time is a next generation beer disrupting the lager market:
• It’s low calorie, containing 95 calories: 30% fewer calories than any other beer on the market.
• It’s low carb, 4g of carbohydrates: 63% less carbs than any other beer on the market.
• Prime Time Lager is gluten-free and vegan certified and has an ABV of 4.2%.
• Prime Time has two offerings: Prime Time Classic and Prime Time Caffeine, which feature all the same
ingredients as the Classic lager as well as 50mg of caffeine for those who need a pick-me-up. This is
about half a cup of coffee.

Prime Time Lager aims to be 90% sustainable by 2025 and uses the worlds’ first beer source heat pump to
minimise the carbon footprint. Prime Time Lager’s innovative offering has captured the attention of top restaurants, pub groups and bars in West London, including Bagatelle, Mano Mayfair, Barworks and more. Prime Time Lager can also be found on, with 1 hour delivery available in London.

To learn more, follow along at @primetimelager.

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