Valentine’s Presents, Gifts & Activities Part 4 – A contemporary flower delivery company that supplies beautifully curated […] – A contemporary flower delivery company that supplies beautifully curated selections of loose-cut flowers in inspiring combinations of colours, form and scent. Their Valentine’s Produce is just perfect. Theme, cocktails & flowers.

Flower Be, is a tremendous wonderful company and I am absolutely delighted with my flowers which arrived so beautifully packaged having traveled so many miles though our wonderful mail delivery services and i have placed my beautiful bouquet right at our kitchen mini bar where it will receive the most sunshine, I could not recommend them highly enough and I thoroughly encourage you to try their service as you will not be dissappointed. InTouch Rugby Lifestyle, beauty and interiors editor.


Treat yourself, teach yourself. FlowerBe is the new way to make your home blossom. We deliver a distinctive bunch of fresh, seasonal, loose-cut flowers for you to style in your home.








Demijohn – Valentine’s

Hi Lover Here is a book for you … 1,000+ quotations from the great lovers (



Hi Lover is a collection of over 1,000 quotations from the great lovers, the loved, the lost and the lecherous! It features classic one-liners from a rich variety of humorists, writers, actors, politicians and musicians, ranging from WC Fields and Anton Chekhov to Napoleon Bonaparte and Roy Brown, and from Kathy Lette and Rita Rudner to Mae West and Dolly Parton. This hilarious collection proves that when it comes to matters of the heart, people rarely hold back.

Author Tom Devonald




Filled with fun, silly, cheeky and sensual activities for couples. It is a fill-in-yourself book that will help you get the most out of your relationship, from when it’s flashy, new and box-fresh to when it’s fully worn in and super comfy.

Designed to help you achieve maximum relationship awesomeness, The Love Scrapbook gives you the chance to enjoy, assess and celebrate your relationship while you are in it! From logging your important milestones, argument scorecards and ‘Which romcom would your relationship be?’ to in-jokes, design your own love heart sweets and the Meatloaf Test (just what would you do for love?). What’s more, once finished with the fill-in activities, fold down the pages of the book to create a 3D heart shape as a physical memento of your love and relationship. . Instagram @eliiss_dreams_by_design. Travel to Tuscany for Romance where an Italian designer will create for her, the shoes of eternity, perfume or precious jewelery.


What a most romantic gift than a once in a lifetime vacation to Tuscany, the artisanal capital of the world, where an Italian designer and a team of artisans will be at her service to create her dream pair of shoes? Or a bespoke bag, clothing, jewellery or even a perfume?
Welcome to Eliiss, where her dreams come true.
A dream coming true for every woman. The only question is: can you afford it?

Book an Eliiss gift vacation and request the special Eliiss surprise box: an Eliiss empty box with a personal invitation to fill it in Tuscany with your dream artisanal creation ( shoes, bags, clothing, jewellery, perfume).

This Valentine’s Day, The Hershey Company helps you share the love with all the special people in your life, with new innovations from its iconic brands. ! So Adorable!


Everyone deserves to be shown a little love on Valentine’s Day. While gifts to significant others are still the most common, increased attention is being placed on other relationships with 56 percent of Valentine’s Day participants giving gifts to children, friends, family and co-workers last year1.

This Valentine’s Day, The Hershey Company helps you share the love with all the special people in your life, with new innovations from its iconic brands.

· Reese’s Pink Peanut Butter Hearts – Think “pink” and taste the perfect combination of pink creme and classic Reese’s peanut butter in a fun heart shape. These treats are individually wrapped, making them perfect for candy dishes or gifting. Available in 10.2-oz. bags (SRP $3.99).

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures Cane – Show those close to your heart how much you care for them with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures Cane with a heart shaped cane topper. Available in a 2.79-oz. bag (SRP $2.49).

· Reese’s & Kit Kat® Valentine’s Exchange with Cards – Add a sweet treat when telling the special people in your life how you feel. Include either a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Kit Kat® miniature, ideal for office or school Valentine’s exchanges. Available in 13.68-oz (SRP: $5.99).

· Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts Valentine’s Exchange – Show all the sweet hearts in your life you care with Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts Valentine’s Exchange. Available in a 15-oz. bag with 25 pouches ready to be personalized for all your Valentine’s this season. (SRP: $5.99).

Reese’s Pink Peanut Butter Hearts (10.2 oz. bag)
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures Heart Cane (2.79 oz tube)
Reese’s & Kit Kat® Valentine’s Exchange with Cards (13.68 oz. box)
Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts (15 oz. bag)
Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate Valentine Gift Cube (7.3 oz. cube)
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures Valentine Gift Cube (7.3 oz. cube)
Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses Assorted Cube Valentine Gift Tower (21 oz.)
Reese’s Sports Lovers Football Heart Box (7.1 oz.)
Reese’s Sports Lovers Basketball Heart Box (7.1 oz.)
Hershey’s Nuggets Milk Chocolate with Almonds Heart Box (7.4 oz.)
Hershey’s Nuggets Special DArk Chocolate with Almonds Heart Box (7.4 oz.)
Kisses Deluxe 11-piece Marbled Cheesecake Flavor Chocolate Heart Box (3.3 oz.)


Treat the special person in your life with a unique gift from Sony


WH-H900N Noise cancelling headphones – £230.00 RRP

Available in five unique shades – perfect for the style-conscious person in your life

Treat your loved one to top-of-the-range sound with these colourful headphones. The WH-H900N allow you to block out everyday noise with their digital noise-cancelling function, whilst letting you control your listening experience on the move with the ambient sound mode. They feature a touch sensor control panel for easy operation and are available in a selection of colours to match your style including; Twilight Red, Pale Gold, Horizon Green, Moonlight Blue and Greyish Black.

Superior high-resolution sound quality
Digital noise-cancelling function that blocks out everyday noise
Touch sensor control panel for easy operation
Available in Twilight Red, Pale Gold, Horizon Green, Moonlight Blue and Greyish Black

WI-H700 h.ear in 2 Wireless headphones – £150.00 RRP

Try them with your favourite outfit and it all just works – a perfect gift for the commuter in your life

Treat your partner to sublime sound and hip design with these wireless behind-the-neck style headphones. Perfect for listening to music and taking calls, they offer eight hours battery life and include a helpful call vibration feature to notify you of incoming calls. Available in Horizon Green, Twilight Red, Grayish Black, Pale Gold and Moonlit Blue.

Ideal for listening to music and taking calls
Wireless behind-the-neck style
A handy call vibration to notify the wearer of incoming calls
8 hours of battery life

NW-A30 Walkman with High-Resolution Audio – £180.00 RRP

A must-have for music lovers who never want to run out of tunes

A must-have present for your audiophile partner, the NW-A30 Walkman is a digital MP3 player which features an S-Master HX digital amplifier for pure sound quality. The glossy exterior and touchscreen make it a joy both to behold and to handle. The Walkman is available in a selection of colours to match your style including; Lime Yellow, Viridian Blue, Charcoal Black, Bordeaux Pink and Cinnabar Red.

Top-of-the-range-sound quality
Ease of use with touchscreen
Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch so you can connect easily to your favourite tunes
S-Master HX digital amplifier that cuts distortion for rich, full-bodied sound

SRS-XB40 Portable Wireless BLUETOOTH Speaker – £199.00 RRP

Ideal for those who love to party

Perfect for the party loving significant other. See and hear the beat with Sony’s EXTRA BASS speaker featuring flashing club-like lighting effects. Make the party last longer with 24 hour battery life and connect up to 10 wireless speakers via Bluetooth with the Wireless Party Chain mode. Match your setting with a range of colours including; Black, Blue and a very romantic Red.

EXTRA BASS for deep, punch sound
24 hours of battery life
Available in a range of colours: Black, Blue, Red
Wireless Party Chain allows you to connect up to 10 wireless speakers via Bluetooth technology

GTK-XB60 High Power Portable Audio System with BLUETOOTH – £300.00 RRP

Perfect for festival fans

For any festival loving couples, the GTK-XB60 will be the ultimate gift to receive this Valentine’s day. Large and loud but wireless and portable the EXTRA BASS speaker creates the deep, punchy sound you desire. With multi-coloured line light and flashing strobes and a 14 hour battery life, this is sure to be the speaker of the summer.

EXTRA BASS for deep, punchy sound
Multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and flashing strobe
Up to 14 hours of battery life
NFC™ and Bluetooth for quick, seamless connection

WH-1000XM2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – £330.00 RRP

A premium present for frequent flyers, delivering optimal sound at high altitude

For love in the air, these headphones offer industry-leading noise cancellation and wireless freedom – the perfect present for frequent flyers. With a new Atmospheric Pressure Optimising feature that analyses your surrounding sound, it will ultimately improve the quality of sound when used on a flight.

Industry-leading noise cancellation that blocks out everyday noise
Atmospheric pressure function that delivers the best sound at high altitudes
Smart listening by adaptive sound control that detects your movement
No wires for ultimate comfort

UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player – £400.00 RRP

The ultimate gift for movie lovers to enjoy their favourite rom-com

Have a romantic night in watching movies in picture perfect 4K and enjoy hi-resolution audio playback capabilities that truly show off your collection. The player can also deliver 4K streaming from services such as Netflix, all encased in a sleek and subtle design that fits with any room interior.

4K UHD Blu-Ray – watch the latest Blu-Ray discs from unmissable films such as Blade Runner 2049 and Baby Driver from Sony Pictures
Anti-vibration construction for clearer sound whilst watching your favourite movie
Plays almost any disc and file format
Stunning picture with 4K upscaling up to 60p

Premium E-mount APS-C Camera – £1,500.00 RRP

The perfect gift to capture all those special moments

The α6500 is a premium APS-C interchangeable lens camera and is compatible with Sony E-mount lenses. It is the perfect gift to capture all those special moments and features unmatched autofocus capability, as well as touch screen focusing. The camera has 4K video recording capabilities, and features 5x slow motion capture and 60x Quick Motion.

Unmatched autofocus capability to extend the range of your shooting capabilities
New touch screen control for ultimate ease whilst capturing memories
4K recording for videos in perfect detail
5x slow motion capture and 60x Quick Motion – allowing budding video editors to customise their content



Get Ready for Passionate Kissing with SPLAT This Valentine’s Day

You have said it with a card, you have said with chocolate and you have said it with flowers. Now say it with SPLAT’s Love, Chili or Dream toothpaste.


SPLAT’s LOVE sparkling red raspberry toothpaste has been specially created with passionate kissing in mind! A unique blend of Japanese perilla seeds (a plant traditionally used in Japanese cuisine, which helps to prevent tooth decay), dipotassium glycyrrhizate (a natural sweetener, which protects and soothes the gums) and liquorice tree extract (a strong antiseptic agent). SPLAT’s LOVE gel toothpaste effectively protects oral cavity from the herpes simplex virus. Making it the perfect kissing toothpaste! RRP £6.95

For the spice of your life SPLAT’s CHILI toothpaste is must. This innovative chili toothpaste contains spicy chili pepper extract which maintains gums by improving blood circulation and penetration of nutrients into the gums, thus improving gum elasticity and density. Capsaicin, a pungent substance found in chili pepper exerts powerful immunostimulants which prevents the development of oral cavities. Far from ordinary SPLAT’s CHILI toothpaste also contains parsley, long know to combat the smell of garlic on the breath, thus prevents bad breath and again preparing your mouth for romance. Be warned this toothpaste will leave a slight burning after flavour! RRP £5.95

Keep your dream boat happy with SPLAT DREAM. This sparkling toothpaste with wild strawberry extract has been specially designed to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent dental plaque formation. SPLAT’s DREAM Toothpaste contains betaphroline, a natural ingredient of happiness, which helps maintain a good mood! And here is the science behind this – The mucus membrane of the lower surface of the tongue is much thinner than that of the upper, this is because here there are many thin blood vessels and capillaries. They ensure rapid absorption of SPLAT’s DREAM toothpaste allowing for the active betaphroline component to penetrate rapidly in the bloodstream, stimulating production of endorphins and improving ones emotional state. This dreamy toothpaste has a delicious strawberry aroma. RRP £6.95




Laura Felicity Valentine’s Gift Ideas – art prints

There’s No Place Like Home. Make your home a special, and happy place. For yourself, your family, and loved ones to share moments, over many years to come.


Laura Felicity Design is a British Interiors and Lifestyle Brand. Designing, screen printing, and digital printing high-quality wallpapers, interior and lifestyle products.
Bespoke designs and colour services are available for clients looking for and interior product that is one of a kind, and unique to your home.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY with love from scribbler all instore!!!! CUPID ONLY STRIKES ONCE A YEAR!


Cupid’s arrow has struck early, as today Scribbler – probably the cheekiest card retailer on the high-street, announced the launch of their new Valentine’s 2018 collection and even Eros is impressed!

Never one to shy away, Scribbler’s new Valentine’s collection is sure to set tongues wagging and raise pulses in time for 14th Fecruary.

Be as bold or cutesy as you like, the new own-brand card collection is riddled with quirky puns and messages from the traditional ‘We’re pear-fect together’, to the ‘I’m so glad I swiped right’ Tinder generation, to the ‘you’re my kinda weird’ crazy kinda love notes – there is truly somerhing for everyone.

“We know how important it is to declare your love in an original way, so our lovebug designers have been working hard to create our laugh out loud cards and a new range of wacky products.

We have designed our cards to be inclusive of all relationships, so wether you’re after a ‘French Kiss’ French bulldog mug, some tasty ‘Love Bites’ confectionary or a ‘Love you long time’ sasage dog cushion, we have a present suitable for every sweetheart!”

john Proctor – Founder of Scribbler and Executive Co-Director

The new product range is available in Scribbler’s 36 UK stores now, with stocking the full card collection.

Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive deals and competitions being announced on Scribbler’s social media channels in February too


Gifts are only available instore. To find a local store, click here:

Cards are available both instore and online at: